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2007 was a fun year.  We had a lot of new members, did a much wider variety of trips this year, and exceeded 200 members.  Through all of the growth, the character of the website has remained positive, and for that I think everyone deserves an award.  A few individuals went the extra mile though.  They helped others, organized trips, and inspired us with their photography.   I appreciate the contributions that everyone has made this year, but based on your votes the following deserve special recognition for their contributions.

Member of the Year:  Scott Williams

It sounded like Scott went out of his way to help just about everyone this year.  Even those that voted for someone else mentioned Scott.  He didn't just help people at his shop either.  I remember the first time I met Scott at a meet and greet in Seattle.  While the rest of us were inside eating tasty Mexican food and drinking margaritas, Scott was outside pulling Dan's fuse panel off and debugging an electrical issue he was having.  He took trips from Yakima to Tacoma to help Andy get his transmission in, let us sleep in his house before a run, etc.  Everyone seemed to have a story about how Scott had helped them.

More than just wrenching though, Scott represents what many of us consider to be the ideal expedition teammate.  He has a level head, works w/ people instead of competing against them, has a positive "can-do" attitude, is aware of others, and enjoys the adventure.  He and his wife Kristi have both brought a lot to the NW Overland Society.  Scott is very worthy of this years award.

Prize Awarded: 

  • ARB Gift Certificate/sticker/keychain package
  • recovery bag
  • Tree Saver strap
  • hat

Trip of the Year:  Todd Eliason's Devils Garden Trip.  Good trails, great photography opportunities, interesting landscape and geologic history, etc.  This trip  was more than just driving a trail, it appealed to those that went on it, and inspired those that heard about it.

Prize Awarded:

  • ARB Gift Certificate/stickers/keychain package
  • recovery bag
  • hat

Photographer of the Year:  Peter Carey.  Peter has been a regular contributor of photographs since the website began.  In my opinion, his photographs are one of the reasons the website has been successful.  He has helped to manage the photo albums, submitted articles to LRM about our adventures, and consistently provided high quality photos for everyone to enjoy.  This year was no exception.  While he photographed several trips, his photos from the Lake Isabelle Trip with the guys from Expeditions West were phenomenal.

Prize Awarded

  • ARB Gift Certificate/stickers/keychain package
  • recovery bag
  • hat


Thank you to our membership award sponsors ARB USA and Offroad for providing the prizes.