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Thank you to all who voted this year; after a slow start we had over 40 nominations come in.  It is always great to hear of all the ways in which members are helping other members.  While not everyone can be recognized for their selfless acts, please know that your fellow members really do appreciate your help.  Let's try to keep that going in 2009 and look for ways to help others fix their trucks, install their accessories, design a part, teach a class, or just lend a hand on the trail.  You guys are a great group.


The 2008 NW Overland Society Member Awards go to....


Trip of the Year:  Alvord Desert/Steens Mountains - Todd Eliason

Todd Eliason whom organized a week long trip to the Alvord Desert and Steens Mountains that included a professional guide, a cowboy poet, access to private land, and a variety of terrain. 

Prize:  Recovery Strap, Quick Fists, and a NW Overland Society badge. 
Prizes donated by Roemer Offroad and the NW Overland Society.

Photographer of the Year:  Kevan Wiser

Kevan took several stunning shots during the Steens Trip, Quilomene Trip, and Perseids Meteor Shower Expedition. 
Prize:  1 year subscription to Overland Journal (or 1 year extension if he is already a subscriber) and a Recovery Strap. 
Prizes donated by Overland Journal and Roemer Offroad.


Member of the Year:  Todd Eliason

Todd led trips to the Steens Mountains, Central Oregon, and Glass Butte.  Consistently organized Meet and Greets throughout the year, did an inspiring LWB Range Rover Diesel conversion/ expedition buildup, and participated heavily in the discussion forums throughout the year.  Nearly a unanimous winner, everyone mentioned how much they enjoyed reading his helpful, friendly, and funny posts.  Todd gave a tremendous amount to the group this year and it was VERY appreciated. 
Prize: IPF 800 Fog Lamps donated by Columbia Rovers.
A special thank you to our 2008 sponsors COLUMBIA ROVERS, OVERLAND JOURNAL, and ROEMER OFFROAD who stepped up and donated some fantastic prizes to this years winners.