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2009 Annual Award Winners

Member of the Year

Dan Cronin

Dan consistently organized and participated in the NW Overland Society website and activities throughout the year.  He setup and attended monthly Meet and Greets throughout the Puget Sound region including a slideshow featuring the Moto-brothers trip from Seattle to Tierra Del Fuego on dual-sport motorcycles.  On his own initiative, he had several cloth banners made up to be displayed during both the Puget Sound and Portland area Meet and Greets.  He led a trip to the Quilomene, gave a tech session on U-joint field repairs, helped several members with transfer case and differential repairs/installs, and participated in numerous other trips and activities throughout the year.  

Dan already has considerable mechanical expertise and offroad driving experience that he brings to the group.  Always striving to find ways to bring more to the group, Dan became Tread Lightly instructor certified, Red Cross CPR certified, NW Overland Society Overland First Aid certified, and participated in the Bill Burke Trail Leader Training.

Because Dan has always contributed so much to the group, he was asked to be an advisor a couple of years ago.  He has taken that responsibility seriously and has consistently contributed good ideas, suggestions, and and action to make the NW Overland Society a better place.

Prize:  Rompalicious Hydra Hydration System
Donated by JpFreek Magazine and Rompalicous 4x4


Trip of the Year

Andy Berglund - Overland CPR/First Aid class and trail run


Andy is a paramedic by trade, but paid and completed coursework to get certified by the Mountaineers as a Mountaineering / Outdoor First Aid and Red Cross CPR instructor. He appended the MOFA content to include Overland specific content and organized a 3 day CPR/First Aid class that had both an indoor and outdoor component. 

The trip wasn't all business though.  A great campsite, lively campfire, and a Sunday trail run that had the new guys jumping for joy and everyone in awe of the sweeping views of Mount Rainier.  The event included everything the NW Overland Society hopes to be:  Educational, good fun, good friends, adventurous, and enjoying the outdoors.

Prize:  1 year subscription to Overland Journal - Donated by Overland Journal


Photographer of the Year

Ben Bailey

Throughout the year, Ben has captured numerous photos and videos of his truck which he has shared with the group in the discussion forum.  More than anyone, Ben demonstrated the passion of an amateur photographer by experimenting with a wide variety of photographic and image processing techniques that capture the attention of the viewer.  Ben shares the photos in the discussion forum and puts up with all of our questions about "How'd you do that".  Thanks for all the fun photos this year Ben.

Prize:  IPF 968 Lights - Donated by Columbia Rovers