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Camping Gear
Therm-a-RestSleeping Pads
MSR - Mountain Safety ResearchStove, cookware and other cool stuff. PNW based company
OR - Outdoor ResearchClothing, gloves, drysacks, sleeping pads and more!! PNW based company
Marmot Mountain WorksClimbing gear, sleeping bags, clothes. PNW based company
Feathered FriendsSleeping bags, Down clothing, climbing gear. PNW based company
MarmotNot to be confused with Marmot Mountain Works. Backpacks, expedition clothes and more. PNW based company
PlatypusWater bladders. PNW company
SealineDrybags. PNW based company
TracksHiking sticks and monopods. PNW based company
Arc'TeryxClimbing clothes, backpacks, harnesses. PNW based company
Sierra Trading PostOutdoor gear, clothing, footwear.
EbagsSweet deals on backpacks and other bag related stuff
NRS (Northwest River Supplies)Anything to do with kayaking and rafting
Mr HeaterGreat catalytic tent warmers