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Pacific Coast Rover ClubPacific Coast Rover Club, Inc. is a participation-based regional club that has been consistently active since our start in 1988. About half our 240+ members own Series vehicles and the other half own Defenders, Range Rovers or Discos. Our membership spans Washington, Oregon, British Columbia & Idaho, with most clustered in the Seattle/Tacoma metro area, the Portland/Vancouver metro area or the Spokane area.
BC Roverlanders The Rover-Landers of British Columbia Incorporated is a registered non-profit society for Land Rover owners and enthusiasts in and around British Columbia.
Backroad Drivers Northwest - Yahoo GroupBackroad Drivers Northwest is an email list of Pacific Northwest folks who enjoy driving the back roads of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Western Montana, British Columbia and beyond. The intent of the list is to announce upcoming road trips, share backroad driving experiences and pass along helpful travel advice. We are not a club and there are no dues or fees.
Northern California Land Rover ClubThe Northern California Land Rover Club is a social club and registered non-profit corporation created primarily with the focus on uniting Land Rover enthusiasts in the spirit of off-road adventures. <br /><br />The NCLR club welcomes all Land Rover owners no matter what level of experience or capability. NCLR club sanctioned off-road trips are designed to meet a wide range of driving abilities and vehicle capabilities ranging from large family orientated groups exploring scenic trails to smaller experienced groups with highly outfitted trucks tackling extreme 4 wheel trails. <br /><br />We will continue developing and enhancing our Club’s website to serve as the backbone in the communication and show case of our adventures, in addition to offering an extensive knowledge base for vehicle upgrades and maintenance tips. <br /><br />Lastly, our members pride themselves on promoting safe driving and recovery techniques, and through volunteer efforts, remain committed to the preservation of OHV trails throughout Northern California.<br /><br />
Wide World of ToyotaMembers are Toyota owners who write about their vehicles, trail rides, build ups, and a wide range of topics concerning their rides and sometimes the rigs they see around them. If you have a question about your Toyota often the answer will be answered by those who might have experienced the same thing.