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Peter Bennet's GPS and NMEA SiteAll sorts of technical GPS information.
Oregon Discovery TrailMaps of the Oregon Discovery Trail
Trek NowAccurate, proven gps routes for adventure travel on great backroads, trails and byways in the USA.
Trans-American TrailFrom Tennessee to Oregon.  One section can only be completed on motorbike though.
GPS VisualizerMap GPX and other GPS tracks onto USGS topo maps, Google maps, Google sattelite images, Canadian Topos, etc.
Med Jet AssistEmergency evacuation insurance
BackCountry BywaysOfficial website for the BackCountry Byways guidebooks. Idaho's own Tony Kruegel authored a fantastic set of guide books for most of the Western States.
Trimble Mission Planning SoftwareTrimble's Planning software is a powerful stand-alone software tool supporting any form of analysis to determine visibility for GPS, GLONASS, IGSO and geostationary satellites.
CGPSMapperCustom (non-proprietary) map files for your Garmin GPS
SpatialMinds, LLCMakers of Overland Navigator topographic mapping software that turns your computer into a GPS.