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Repair/Restoration Shops
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Biggs Eastside AutomotiveIndependent Land Rover repair.

867 West 3rd Street, North Vancouver British Columbia. 604-985-6317. Run by Don MacDonald who is an active BC Roverlander and certified Land Rover Technician.
Columbia Rovers

Independent Land Rover service and repair.  Factory certified technician.  Offering used parts as well as service on all Land Rovers from 1987-2008.  Located at 635 NW 16th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209 (on the corner of NW 16th and Irving right next to 405).  503-349-3800.
Blackstone Labs

Mail order lab provids oil analysis services designed to gauge the health of an engine by looking at what's in the oil.
Lamorna Garage

Land Rover Service, Repair, and Restoration
Junkyard DogSearch tons of junkyards with one request.
Streamline Audio LLCCar Audio and Accessories. We also do full electrical upgrades and custom installations for what ever toys you need installed. Any Overland member will receive wholesale prices and labor rates.
Treasure Valley JaguarIndependent Jaguar and Land Rover service/repair center in Boise, ID. Owner/technician is factory certified with Land Rover and Jaguar. Located in Boise, ID. 208-794-2534
Mountain RoversMountain Rovers, Inc. is a company located in Billings, Montana and maintain a limited number of completed and vehicles as well as repair parts on premises. We provide full vehicle service and repairs, complete refurbishment and restoration services and engine/drive train conversions on site to your specifications.
VMI Offroad

 VMI Offroad is a Bellingham Washington based custom fabrication company that specializes in custom expedition vehicles and offroad trailers from mild to wild. We are here to get you out there. Our new Overland Expedition Trailer is hitting the market this summer, give us a call or stop by to check it out. We also offer build it yourself offroad trailer kits that can be ordered as basic utility units ready for you to build out to suit your needs, we also will custom build your dream trailer to take you where you want to go.

VMI Offroad 360-224-2109
Toyota FiberglassLooking for the highest quality of TOYOTA FIBERGLASS 4X4 + 2WD and 4 runner replacement parts, you've come to the right place, products include fiberglass beds (boxes) , fiberglass hoods and fenders, fiberglass 1/2 doors and 4 runner 1/4rs, smoothed cowls and much more to come. 30 years in the Toyota Industry, so we know your Toyota. We also have some very hard to find sheet metal repair pieces/panels and replacement "crash" parts , fenders , bumpers ect...
TorfabToyota Off-Road Fabrication: the Northwest's source for Toyota Land Cruiser fabrication, modification and service. Services include complete rebuilds, engine conversions, lift kits, complete rewiring, even a simple oil change.