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Fairey Overdrive for 3 speed Land Cruisers
Last Post 04 Jul 2012 08:38 PM by Steve Kolsky. 0 Replies.
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Steve Kolsky
Steve KolskyUser is Offline
Vancouver, Washington
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04 Jul 2012 08:38 PM
    For Sale a complete Fairey (use to be part of Superwinch company years ago) that only works with 1958 thru 1973 Land Cruisers that had 3 speed transmissions. Gives an extra 27% overdrive to all gears. Will not work with Toyota 4 speeds. Can not bolt to that transfercase behind any 4 speed. Have had custom made pieces made to make this a working overdrive. Will also include tools to build up box in place behind transfercase and below frames center crossbar. New purchased for $850. Will sell for $550 OBO.
    Best off road classes are taught by Bill Burke. Have been to two and looking forward to more.
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