About Us

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Who We Are

A group dedicated to environmentally responsible, vehicle-dependent back-country exploration and overland adventure travel. Northwest Overland originated in the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia) but has since grown. If you are new to overland adventure or have been on many expeditions and adventures locally or afar, Northwest Overland’s community is for you. We have enthusiast groups up and down the Puget Sound area, (including Skagit, Whatcom, Snohomish, King and Pierce counties) the Portland/Vancouver area, Boise, ID and Spokane. Some of our activities include, monthly area meetups, OHV driving education, communications, navigation and trip planning training sessions on all topics overland.

Our History

The website was originally formed in February of 2006 as a regional website for Land Rover owners. By 2007 it was renamed the “Northwest Overland Society” and opened up to any make/model of vehicle or dual sport motorcycle. At the beginning of 2013 the club changed ownership and at that time it was decided to retire the word Society from the name and simply become “Northwest Overland”.

The commonality amongst our members isn’t particular vehicles but rather a strong interest in vehicle-dependent primitive back-country camping and 4×4 travel. We now have members that drive Land Rovers, Mercedes G-Wagons, Pinzgauers, Unimogs, Toyota Land Cruisers, Jeep Rubicons, Sportsmobile Vans, VW Synchro Vanagons and other makes/models suitable for sustained Overland Travel. If you drive a capable, well- maintained offroad vehicle, enjoy primitive back-country 4×4 exploration, and subscribe to the Tread Lightly principles then you will be warmly welcomed.

Getting Involved

Anyone looking to get involved with the group will find a culture where members are dedicated, treat each other with respect, exercise Tread Lightly principles, help each other on/off the trail, and give their personal time and effort to make Northwest Overland a better group. This is not a place to come and watch while others organize events, post in the forums, help people fix their trucks, coordinate clothing purchases, etc. A NW Overlander has made a decision to commit to regular participation and to find a way to get involved regardless of skill level. The reward is that all members quickly make lasting friendships with people of solid character and everyone benefits from the increased activity. Nobody cares how set up your truck is, how much mechanical experience you have, or how much offroad driving experience you have. The commitment is to learn, grow, participate, and give back to the group.


The best thing about Northwest Overland is that we DO things. While we don’t have officially sanctioned events, our members very actively use the website to coordinate their own activities. Members have organized Overland trips, meet and greets, tech sessions, wrenching sessions, etc.

A sampling of trips

  • 2006 – Quilomene Overland Adventure – Featured in Land Rover Monthly magazine
  • 2006 – Whipsaw Trail – British Columbia – Featured in Land Rover Monthly magazine
  • 2007 – Sunset Mine primitive camping and Lake Isabelle trail run with Scott Brady, of Expeditions West, on the return leg of his Arctic Expedition.
  • 2008 – 2 weeks in the Alvord Desert / Steens Mountains
  • 2009 – Hells Canyon rim trail
  • 2012 – Bill Burke 4WD vehicle recovery training
  • 2013 – Mt. St. Helens exploration
  • 2014 – Spring Plink Drink n’ Trek


  • Winchline.com / Viking Offroad – proper winch rope splicing techniques and the pros/cons of synthetic winchline
  • ARB – Intermediate Offroad Driving and Safety Instruction
  • ARB in Renton – In-depth demonstration of their gear, tour of the shop, and pizza
  • Bradford Rovers – Getting your truck ready for the trail
  • Bradford Rovers – CVs and Axles
  • Old Town Garage – 3 part class on what to do when your vehicle won’t start
  • Spatial Minds – 3 part course on Navigation
  • Columbia Rovers – Winching / Winch Safety
  • Bill Burke Trail Leader Training
  • Field replacement of broken U-joints

Guest Adventure Speakers

  • 2009 – Bill Burke – Land Rover Camel Trophy – hosted by ARB
  • 2009 – Moto Brothers – gave a presentation on their trip from Portland, OR to Tierra Del Fuego
  • 2013 – Ben Davenport – slideshow and presentation about his extended travels around the world


Local groups schedule regular gatherings at restaurants or homes where people share food, beer, potlucks, etc. Regular meetups can be found on our Events Calendar for the Seattle area, Portland, Great Divide Chapter (Denver/Boulder), and Spokane.