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There are a number of different ways to do this, and unfortunately they don't all work for all browsers and operating systems. We've put together a guide that will help almost everyone, and we'll continue to add to it as new and better things come along. Click the link below to see the guide.

Adding Pictures To Forum Replies
Generally speaking, we expect everyone to be polite and respectful. In particular, how we get along in the discussion forums directly translates into how well we get along on the trail.

All members must have their First and Last name in the "Display Name" field of their profile. Real names discourage trolling and help everyone to get to know each other better before getting together in the real-world.

A thread, post, or image is considered inappropriate if they contain one or more of the following:
  • Any content that isn't appropriate for a grade school classroom.
  • Any content that promotes mudding, driving off-trail, intentionally damaging nature, or any other content that violates Tread Lightly principles.
  • Sexually suggestive topics.
  • Provocatively dressed persons.
  • Vulgar or crude topics.
  • Brand or product bashing.
  • Any material that could be considered discriminatory in any way, including but not limited to racial, sexual, religion or nationality.
  • Mocking others or acting superior to others (whether "others" is on this website or not doesn't matter).
  • Vehicles with a lot of body damage.
  • Vehicles that look like they might be off-trail (whether they are or aren't).
  • Vehicles doing resource damage.
  • Irresponsible behavior (E.g. unsafe recovery techniques).
  • Drinking and driving.
  • Political or religious statements.
The best way to private message with another user is to establish a friendship. To do that, go to the Members List in the blue Members menu at the top right corner of the screen. Search for the user, and when their name shows up, click the Add Friend button next to it.

Once they confirm the friendship, you can message them from the messages section of your Member Home area. Click Member Home in the blue Members menu, then click Messages from the list on the left. Just start typing your friend's name in the Send To box and select it from the list that pops up. Note: only people who you are friends with will show up by name in this box. Also, it sometimes takes a few moments for the names to appear.

There are a couple other ways to private message another user.

If you know their username

Go to Member Home (click on the blue Members menu at the top right of your screen) and select Messages from the list on the left side.

Click the Compose tab, and type the username in the Send To box with the @ symbol in front, for example "@Wild_Kingdom".

If you don't know their username

Go to the Members List in the blue Members menu. Search for the user and click on their name. It will open their profile page and you will see a button that says Private Message.
There are several ways to get different sorts of email updates from forums and topic replies.
  1. Terminology

    When you click on the Forums menu, the first thing you see is a list of Forums, which are the general categories of discussion subjects. Beneath each Forum is a list of topics, which are the actual discussions underneath the Forum category.

  2. Subscribe to the Forum

    If you click the Subscribe button at the top left of a Forum (the general category underneath which you see a list of Topics) then you will get emails only when a new topic is created. You will not get emails for any topic replies at this point.

  3. Topic Replies

    If you want to get an email for all the replies for a given Topic, click the Subscribe button at the top right when you are viewing the Topic (the actual discussion thread).

  4. Topic Replies after You Join the Discussion

    If you decide to reply to a Topic and then want to get emails for it after that, click the notification button at the bottom left of the reply area before you submit the reply. This button only works if you are actually submitting a reply. It does the same thing as the button in the previous step.

  5. View All of Your Subscriptions

    To see everything you've subscribed to, click the blue Members button on the main menu and go to Members Home. Click the Forums link on the left, then the Subscriptions tab. You can see everything there, click through to what you want to read, and unsubscribe from one central location.