2017 Total Solar Eclipse – Trip to Oregon to be in the “Path of Totality”

—News Flash—  –UPDATED Info—-

The location for this event has been pinned down – Thank you Monty and Britz !!!

-Monty and Britzen’s property, Mesa ID , SW corner of Apple Lane and Mesa Rd.

– Water may not be available on property

– Bring shade and it could be 100F

-Fire restrictions will probably be in place.

– Prepare to be self sufficient and self contained, Council and Cambridge have very limited supplies.



Placeholder/Planning for 2017 Solar Eclipse – Central/Eastern Oregon – east of Madras

Looking for input for best areas for viewing. Eclipse itself happens on Monday 8/21/2017 (partial eclipse starts ~9am (16:07 UTC) with Totality starting around 10:20 am) for ~ 2 minutes).

Some info: http://www.eclipse2017.org/eclipse2017_main.htm

Make sure you have actual solar rated viewing glasses (cheapy cardboard ones will be readily available around)

Those of us living in or traveling to the Pacific Northwest are especially lucky. The path of totality lies merely 40 miles (64 km) or so south of the Columbia River in northern and central Oregon, where the best weather prospects along the entire path of totality are likely to occur.

This is to put this up as a placeholder for a great event that we should be able to easily combine with a great overland outing. Due to the nature of this event and experience, it cannot be rescheduled. 🙂

Well, technically it could be rescheduled to either 2045 or 2099 when total solar eclipses are projected be experienced again within a few hundred miles of the PNW.

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