Douglas Creek

Meet at BJ’s truck stop in Rock Island at 0900, Saturday November 4th and fuel up.

We’ll take a meandering course through the area, and end up camping along Douglas Creek for the night.

Be prepared for chilly weather! I’ll likely have my propane fire ring along, but consider bringing some firewood for a real campfire! There is very little firewood in Slack Canyon/Douglas Creek.

This is a family friendly, dog friendly event.

Vehicles should have front and rear tow points, good all-terrain or mud terrain light-truck tires, and decent ground clearance. A rear limited slip or locking differential helps, but is not necessary. If it’s snowing on the Waterville Plateau, a set of tire chains is good insurance, but not normally necessary. Much of the route is not challenging, but there are a few difficult spots, including some water crossings.

This would be tough, but not impossible, for some of the more road-oriented SUV’s such as Subaru vehicles. Be prepared for some possible body damage on one particular rocky climb. I’ve done this route in a stock 1999 Dodge Ram, and a near-stock 1990 Chevy Blazer. It’s only got one really challenging climb.

If conditions permit, I’d like to exit the canyon on Sunday morning via the “adventurous” route… rather than just driving up to Highway 2. This route will give vehicles some “desert pinstriping” from the brush along the way.

Pretty good chance of seeing mule deer. There are coyotes, beaver and raccoons in the area as well as eagles and hawks.

Should be done by noon on Sunday, giving everyone time to make it home.

CB channel 22
My cell phone is 509-885-5905 (no cell service for most of this route)
HAM – I’ll defer to the Hamsters for this, 146.something or other… 🙂


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