Late Winter Signal Fire to the North

This will be a fun opportunity to have a fire and some overland conversation before springtime comes around and ruins everything :). Bring some firewood and grub and head on up.

We’ll meet up where the Cumberland/Finney Rd splits off from the South Skagit Highway. at 2pm. From there we’ll go south on FR 17 to the “Knoll” (or as far as we can, depending on snow). Check the map here:

We’ll hang out until 6pm and head back down the hill.

Since it’s still winter, be prepared for snow driving and cold weather:
Warm clothing with a dry change out
Food and water
Traction aids (chains etc)
Tow points front and rear (heavy duty)

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Registered Attendees

  • Erik Olson
  • Craig Miller
  • Dan Cronin
  • Kara Vaillancourt
  • Sebastien Doucet