New Year’s Snow Camp

Come celebrate the new year…in the middle of nowhere! We will be camping at Ranger Creek, a little east of Greenwater. Co-ordinates are 47.015091, -121.533381. Look for my battleship..err..I mean Tundra. Ranger Creek is a right off the highway so we will just meet at camp there, it’s not a “trip” so show up whenever.

It will probably be COLD so pack/plan accordingly and bring some firewood to contribute to the cause.

Monday we will probably go play around in the snow for a bit after a suitable amount of coffee has been consumed to wash away the night before.

See you there!

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Registered Attendees

  • Amy Hopkins
  • Shaun Rasmussen
  • Ray Tennal
  • Kristal Kravik
  • Phil Fisk
  • Jeffrey Sikes