Parting Out Party

“Reggie” the white 1988 Range Rover that has been my ride on all my NWOL trips is headed to the bone yard in the sky. Before he goes, I’d like to pick his bones clean. I’ve already pulled quite a few parts, but it’s getting to the point where the rest of him needs to get gone before my neighbors lose their patience with me. “Denny”, my white 1990 Range Rover will be very appreciative of the spares, and frankly to see “Reggie” go down the road – they’ve never liked one another. In celebration of the bone picking, we’ll have a BBQ in the backyard and have a fire in the fire pit. The main things I’ll want to do (with your help) is pull the engine, transfer case, front axle assembly and rear diff/axles. The seats could come out as well. It’s OK if we don’t get it all done, but getting through the bulk of it would be a big help. And it will be fun to catch up since I’ve been out of the NWOL loop dealing with #ailingmother ,#cancerdog. and #brokenminivan. I’ll have burgers, dogs and beer – anything else seems….superfluous.

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