Seattle Area Christmas Tree Run – Sunday 2015

Let’s head out to the scenic Mt Rainier area for some classic family friendly Christmas tree fun!

We’ll head into the mountains helping unstick a few overzealous families in search of their perfect Griswold Christmas tree along the way. Once waaaay past the crowds, we’ll find a great spot for some Chillin’ and Grillin’ and spend some time finding the perfect Christmas tree for your family.

OK here’s the plan.

Let’s meet at the Fire Station on Crystal Ranch Road E, gassed up and ready to go with Christmas tree tags. Once everyone has arrived, we’ll air down, have a drivers meeting, determine driving order and head up. Leaving the fire station no later than 10:30.

We’ll head up FS 75 to Haller Pass, enjoying the scenery along the way. The last couple years, we’ve had to stop and help other vehicles along the way – be prepared to jump in and help out – it’s all part of the fun. We’ll stop at Haller Pass for a quick break and assess the snow conditions. The road up to Haller Pass is plowed for Christmas tree collecting. After leaving the Pass it will get interesting and the snow will dictate how far we go. We will try to get to the same look out spot as last year.

We’ll shoot to stop for Grillin & Chillin around one. While at the lunch spot, plan on exploring the area for the perfect Christmas. Also, will have start a nice, warm fire. Let’s talk about doing a pot luck or everyone fending for themselves on the Run thread. If you have snow shoes would suggest bringing them. After everyone has had their fill of food, beverages and trees, we’ll turn around and head back down. Will try to be back on at the fire station by 4 pm, would like to off the mountain by dark.

• Plan on winter conditions for this trip. Ensure your vehicle is in good running condition, have spare dry, winter clothes along with food and water.
• All rigs will need solid recovery points, recovery equipment, etc….
• Would suggest bringing saw to cut down tree but most likely you can borrow one from somebody and rope for securing tree to rig.
• Last minute supplies and gas tank top can be done at the Safeway in Enumclaw a couple minutes east of ranger station.
• If everyone can bring a bit of firewood that would be great
• Be prepared for overgrown trails. Extra wax on rig to protect from scratches. Saw/Axe to help trim back trail
• If you have an Easy up or Shelter, please bring in case it is raining.

• Mandatory everyone have either a CB or Ham radio
• Monitoring CB channel 22
• Monitoring Frequency 146.460 on Ham radio

If you have any questions feel free ping me directly or post in thread.

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