THE WALL- campout

First TV Chapter club overnighter of the year is here! The destination is the infamous camp site known to most as ‘The Wall’. Below is a link to the map so you know where we are headed. The meet up point is the Albertsons parking lot in Nampa on the corner of Greenhurst and hwy 45 @10:00am. It is about a 3 hr drive from the meeting point. The last fuel stop is Grand View so we will all top off there. Only being a single destination fuel should be an issue for anyone. The trail in is basic dirt roads with with a few small creek crossings. The campsite is large and site nestled between the large rock wall that gives the spot it’s name and a small fork of the Bruneau river that we ford to get to the campsite.

Good tires, 4wd and moderate ground clearance are suggested. Bring lots of warm clothes and blankets as it will be cold in the night. A good camp chair to sit around the fire in. Also if everyone brings a little firewood no one will have to bring a lot.

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