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    Otis Ranhofer
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    Looking forward to a fun two day back road rally between Cache Creek and 100 Mile House 18-19 November. We did this in 2015 along with the 1997 Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution in this YouTube. Had only seen Pajero’s like this one in Paris Dakar films prior. In 2015, we and 17 others completed the run, 6 vehicles did not finish. Our first goal is to just finish, gravy will be a podium.
    Still time to register and join in the fun – http://www.rallybc.com/archives/2017/2017_Totem.htm


    John Russell
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    Does look like fun.  What kind of tires was the Pajero running, seemed well planted, with only a few places of sliding.  In those conditions, I wonder where the sweet spot is for running, early with fresh snow or later when it’s been mashed down but with ruts.

    Looking at this year’s entry list, it would be a hoot just to watch the ’66 Caddy run 🙂


    Ben Thompson
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    I *almost* had a DNF in 2015. We didn’t make it very far into day one, but were able to recover and make it through day 2.


    video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9wpgdi5g6yetyl0/Totem%202015%20Incident.mp4?dl=0


    Al Lav
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    It’s such a rush – I’d love to participate. We’ve had so little time on weekends between skiing, cycling, fence building, and vacations. I had wanted to do a tour of the Olympic Peninsula for Thanksgiving this year but was very easily talked into taking it easy at home to get caught up before we switch gear over to ski for what is shaping up to be another amazing ski season. Sadly, other than some overlanding and camping on the Big Island, and mild tractor trails and forest/farm country exploring across Germany and Belgium, we’ve not really gotten out there like in the last couple of years. The only outing we’ll be making this year will be the tree run. It’ll be fun to finally see you and the rest of the NWOL crew we’ve missed most of the year!

    On the tire front – a big question I’ve been deliberating, which are best: AT or studded snow & ice tires for the tree run? After last year’s tree run I would be inclined to go up with our Hakkapeliitta just for the added safety of the drive down especially if it’ll be an ice sheet like last year’s tree run. Or if the brute force of chunky AT is better for the deep powder?


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