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    Jason Casron
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    I have been interested in Overland for a long time have decided to join this group to learn more and get ideas.

    I have been offloading and camping since I was a kid with my parents. I am currently camping at least once each month and more if I can. I do a lot of backpacking, mostly in the Olympics.

    I will be using a 2000 Jeep TJ. I know it is small but I like to travel light and get into tight places. My goal is to get it set up for overloading this summer with my family. I plan to head out to explore and camping this weekend in the Olympics as a first outing.

    I hope to do a little exploring with this group soon.


    Aaron Kravik



    Guy Miner
    Area Coordinator

    Welcome! We have some real good folks involved in NWOL, and I try to make sure that my trips are family friendly.

    Ya, if you can travel light, like a backpacker, a smallish, two-door Jeep works. I finally gave in and bought a good trailer to tow behind mine when I want to carry more gear. Like when Mama camps with me. She likes the big tent, the cots, etc… So, the trailer helps. Or for carrying a lot of extra water or fuel on extended trips.

    I suspect we’ll start seeing proposed trips listed soon in the Events section of this forum.



    Jason Casron
    Basic Member

    Thanks Guy,

    I am looking for a rack for the top soon, but do plan to travel light.

    I look forward to getting out with everyone from the group.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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