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    I have followed the topics on battery chain saws, secondary battery installations, and charging systems. I really want to pull the trigger on a C-Tek charging system and a second battery. I have limited under hood space and don’t want to relocate cooling or washer bottles if it can be helped. At our last INW chapter meeting a new guy (sorry, terrible with names) stated he was a distributor for Lithium batteries. Get me his info if you know him!  I was hoping to find some information about the safety and compatibility of Lithium batteries and the compatibility of the C-tek charger. I am also concerned with under hood temperatures damaging the battery. I have read some batteries weld terminals between cells and others bolt them together. Which will work better for our heavy vibration use? I got a spool of 10 AWG duplex wire, switch gear, ARB fridge plug, and solder for Christmas (crafty wife checked my Amazon account!) and I’m needing a winter project!

    Anyone’s thoughts or recommendations are greatly appreciated! I just can’t swing the $1k racing battery. Thanks!

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