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    John Russell
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    Went over to the Casa de Clark house for the weekend, got to attend the Wenatchee Meet and Greet (which was great).  Got our chores done (well, done enough) on Friday, so took Saturday for some exploring.

    Headed up and over through French Corral and down into Ardenvoir.  The intent was, like most any of these day trips, go somewhere we haven’t gone before, easy enough.  Checked out the block building(?) at the intersection with Mad River Road

      (careful, it is the “Blood Room”

    Went up Mad River Road, although technically a Forest Service Road (FS5700), it was paved (1 lane more or less for quite someways) and checked out the Pine Flats campground, rather uninspiring, but it did have an area map that I hadn’t seen before


    First thing that caught my eye was the Tyee Mtn Fire lookout, basically at the end of the road.  Had some DNR Fire trucks pass by as we were in the campground, figured they were heading there for some maintenance/support, so the road must be open all the way.  FS5800 left the river and climbed up the ridge, nice smooth pavement, seemed out of place for the area, but with my suspension, I was happy.  Lots of side roads going off, heading out in all directions (more future explorations..).  Passed an old guy on a bicycle, pretty far up.  I was tired from driving, can’t fathom how he rode up there (~95 degrees, and he was pedaling, not walking).  Road finally turned back to dirt, kept going and then ran into a locked gate.  Oh well, time for lunch with a view of the Waterville Plateau (the DNR guys had gone up that road and then came back through as we were stopped there)

    Heading back down, saw a road going up to the north right at the start of the pavement, looked more fun.  Turned into an interesting road…

    Judy got some handheld video of a section, then she decided she was getting beaten up enough, so better to hold on and find a balance point.

    (click on picture to go to Flickr video of typical 2min of shaky FS road)

    At about this point, I could see the top, and I could see the DNR trucks up there.  Where they were going, I could get to.  Apparently, there was a Red truck convention, I made it just in time.  Not often you clamber up some rugged loose gravel road to the top of a mountain in a 1 ton pickup and you’re the smallest truck there…

    Turns out they were just out exploring too and thought the other road with the gate lead to the Lookout.  I guess wandering minds think alike…

    Never saw anything on about this lookout before, turns out it was decided it didn’t meet specs for lightning protection in 2013 so it has been deactivated.  This was the lookout that first sighted the Tyee fire in ’94 that burned ~135,000 acres (including the area around Sugarloaf ).


    DNR trucks on the way down

    The only traffic we came across was a group of 3 trucks on the way down, perfect timing.  Right at a big turn out, they had seem the DNR trucks on the hill behind us so waited 2 minutes and let them pass easily.

    Looking forward to exploring a lot more in this area.


    Guy Miner
    Area Coordinator

    Great area, glad you enjoyed! More or less in my backyard, and I get up there every now and again.

    Good meeting you two at the “meet ‘n greet” as well!



    Dan Cronin

    Awesome! I really need to get up on the trail soon. I love exploring that area this time of the year. The views are amazing.

    Thanks for the share, John!




    John Russell
    Premium Member

    Yeah, lots of roads to explore in that area.  Should keep us busy for quite sometime.  There’s another lookout over on the other side of Entiat River Road that I want to go check out also

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