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    Keith Kammenzind
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    Renogy Solars website shows the 100w solar suitcase with controller for $279.00.

    It is out of stock right now though. I paid $269 for mine 5 years ago. It has been bullet proof.


    Otis Ranhofer
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    We have a National Luna battery box, 90w Overland Solar panel and pure sine wave inverter.
    The battery, box and panel work well independently, together they have issues making nice.
    Explanation – our issue is that newer cars like ours have a computer that does not stay friendly when confronted with something it does not expect. After much research we could not do a ‘traditional’ dual battery set-up. We must completely isolate the two batteries from each other. We have a group 31 Northstar battery inside the National Luna battery box. The National Luna has a controller built in. The Overland Solar panel has a controller built in too. Hooked up together as designed the battery box and panel do not recognize each other – the Northstar battery will not charge. After a lot of personal help from Overland Solar at the Plain rally we figured this out. By hooking the solar panels directly to the battery terminals the solar panel controller turns on. The solar panel controller will stay powered up long enough to then disconnect and plug the panel directly to the National Luna battery box’s Anderson connector. From this point the world is back in balance.
    Sincere cudos to Overland Solar for spending all the time with us in Plain – great product and product support!
    Also need to thank Das Mule for their time & efforts working from the National Luna box side of this.


    Morris Yarnell
    Basic Member

    Tested out my 15 watt solar panel this weekend. It seems to keep the battery topped off very well. So using my existing panel will save me a ton of $$ by not getting a new one. Will have to try it out for more than one day though to see if it is really going to do what I need.  Only running the ARB cooler so not a gigantic draw on the house battery. I will have to see the draw when my partner needs to charge her iPad and other items to call it a real test.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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