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    Ed Amdahl
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    I’ve purchased a renogy 100w panel and solar controller which I’m hoping to mount in advance of the upcoming eclipse, as I also hope to use my fridge for the first time and want to ensure I can top off my battery.  I’ve read pros and cons of mounting the controller under the hood.  Anyone here have suggestions?

    I only have 8′ of cable to work with for mounting so if under the hood is too hot my next option is likely zip tying it behind the grill where I can hook up easy but also avoid the under hood temps.

    I’m also working to run 12v to the bed of the Tacoma as I realized the hard way that my 110v there only works when the truck is running.  Given that there’s really no difference between connecting to the battery at the battery vs. in the bed, is there any reason not to simply put the controller in the bed?  Planning to run 10GA to the battery from the bed, which is the same size of the cables from Renogy.


    Aaron Kravik

    Unless the controller is rated for harsh environments, I’d mount it somewhere dry

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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