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    - "@michaelkfunggmail-com Michael, am not going to make it. Hopefully next time."View

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    - "@pasty63 @pasty63 They all look good. I like 1 and 4 because it includes the track we did after Conconully last year and that was a fun little stretch of road. I dig 3 too because of how far north it goes. That’s […]"View

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    - "Heading out in the morning to help Mike Bach pre-run the Manastash area for the up coming NW Challenge for Land Rovers. Always good to get out in the woods and camp (thumby up)! Bonus to meet new folks!!"View

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    - "@1999agag4runnee Yes… I will be putting my 1985 FJ60 up for sale in the near future. It’s in good condition (has been used as daily driver + road trips with no issues) and nicely upgraded (OME lift, ARB front […]"View

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    - "@Swabby57 Rich, a few of us are getting together tomorrow, Saturday 11/29, to run part of the WABDR. Looking at going up Nahahum Canyon, crossing the ridge, maybe a side-trip to Sugarloaf if we can get there, and […]"View

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    - "Happy Saturday!"View

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    - "Hot off the internet I now have my HAM call sign: KI7PXG."View

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    - "Great to meet everyone at the Seattle happy hour yesterday!"View

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    - "Sorry but had to back out of Douglas Creek run. My Jeep and I were on an all-day adventure Jan 30 around Colockum and Quilomene. Weather was nice, but the roads were just mostly awful, either icy snow or s**t […]"View



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